Welcome to NAPO Trash! We are a Canadian-based resource exploration company. The company mainly focuses on developing and acquiring agricultural products in the US. The biofuel industry has created strong demand for protein-based foods. Potash has huge demand, and so it’s price increased. US suppliers cannot give enough potash to meet the demand. As a result, a major part of it must be important from other countries where it is produced.

We have potash exploration permits from the government. We have knowledgeable and experienced professionals who plan many mining exploration programs. There are renowned geologists in our team who are experienced and have good regional knowledge. Potash is a very useful commodity that can be used to manufacture soap, glass, fertiliser, etc. Severe potassium deficiency can cause the plant to have discoloured leaves which will reduce the quality of food crop yield. Underground mining is required for exploring potash, and we do exactly that.