We plan and conduct mining explorations throughout the year. We are presently focused on developing three primary properties.

Paradox Basin, Lisbon Valley, Utah

This property is used for exploring Potash. It is reported to contain more than two million tops of potash. A potash mine is located just 20 miles away from this property. This property has huge land

Halbrook Basin, Arizona

It is located in the Hornby Basin, Noth West Territories of Canada. It possesses more than 2 million tonnes of potash. Due to the increase in the price of potash, the need for exploring this area for potash is more now. There are many permits available to explore this property for potash. Various drilled oil and gas wells are included in the exploration of this area.

Both these properties can help in meeting the increased need of potash in these regions. Present exploration permits are located near roadway or railway for easy transportation purpose. The US has highly developed the agricultural economy and limited local production. The US is the second largest importer of potash globally. Maximum potash requiements of the US comes from Canadian sources. The demand for potash is growing. But by exploring more mines, it is possible to fulfil those demands.