Holbrook Basin


North American Potash Developments Inc.,, through its 70% owned subsidiary Potash Green LLC, currently holds 15 exploration permits ("Arizona Permits") on lands located in the Holbrook Basin, Apache County, Arizona. The Holbrook Basin, as a whole, is potentially underlain by 3,500 square miles of salt beds, 600 square miles of which are also underlain by a potash bed (source: Arizona Geological Survey Open File Report, OFR 08-07, Steve Rauzi, August 2008).



The North American Potash Developments' Arizona permits cover 9,594 acres of land in what appears, from review of technical data, to be part of the thickest part of the Basin, where the salt has in the past been measured at being 600 feet thick (Rauzi, August 2008). It is estimated the potash bed may lie at the top of the salt sequence, at depths of 700 to 2,000 feet, shallow enough to possibly mine using underground mining methods (Rauzi, August 2008)*. The relatively shallow depths of these occurrences should lend its self towards a much larger recovery of the potash ore if compared to the Saskatchewan mines that are operated at far greater depths.

The AGS OFR 08-07 reports the Holbrook Basin has been explored in the past with an excess of 240 oil and gas test wells, and though they did not produce oil and gas, it did produce minor amounts of helium.

A detailed non 43-101 compliant feasibility study done in 1966 for Arkla Exploration Company on the ground directly to the north of the Arizona permits indicated the salt beds have a maximum thickness of 35 feet with an average assay of 12.6% K2O. Arkla did not proceed to production, reportedly because the potash market softened in the late 1960's. Arkla later relinquished their permits.

*North American Potash Developments Inc., does not imply there is a mineral resource in the Arizona permits nor does the Company imply there is any potentially commercial ore body in or on the Arizona permits. The information is presented for regional historical overview.


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