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North American Potash Developments Inc., is currently focused on Lisbon Valley property in Paradox Basin, Utah.


PotashLisbon Valley, Utah (Paradox Basin) - Potash

The Lisbon Valley potash property is located in the Paradox Basin, an area which according to the United States Geological Services (USGS) is reported to contain over 2 billion tons of potash1. The Paradox Basin is home to Intrepid Potash's Cane Creek potash mine, which is located less than 20 miles from North American Potash Developments' property. North American Potash Developments' Lisbon Valley potash property includes 6,277 acres within the State mineral leases that were granted in July 2008. In addition to the State mineral leases, the Company has 25 prospecting permit applications pending for an additional 51,966 acres of Federal Land in the Lisbon Valley.

Previous exploration activities in the area, most notably a number of previously drilled oil and gas wells that North American Potash Developments has identified, will assist the company in establishing the potential for the discovery of another economical potash occurrence in the Lisbon Valley.


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