Top 5 benefits of potash in our lives today

Potash contains potassium in a water-soluble form. Before exploration was used to obtained potash, it was acquired by leaching wood ashes in a pot and was used for manufacturing glass, soap and gunpowder. In the modern days, these minerals are mined and processed to compound potash that has more uses. Here are the benefits of potash in our lives.


Plants need nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to grow. Potash has soluble potassium and so is good for agricultural fertiliser. It improves the overall health of the plant. It makes the root of the plant stronger, resists diseases from occurring, and improve the yield rates. It ultimately improves the texture, colour and taste of food.

Animal feed

Potassium carbonate is used as animal feed. It is added as a supplement to improve a number of nutrients in the feed. So, it improves the health of animals. It can also increase the milk production.

Food products

It is used as general additives in food industries. It is included as a food seasoning. It is used for brewing beer as well. It has similar properties to baking soda and can be used to make gingerbread or lebkuchen.


Caustic potash or potassium hydroxide si used to make soap. These soaps have better solubility and so needs less water to liquefy.

Glass manufacturing

Potassium carbonate is used as a flux, and it lowers the temperature at which the mixture melts. It gives excellent clarity to glass. So, it is used to manufacture eyeglasses, computer monitors, glassware, etc.

Potash has many other uses. The demand for potash is always huge in many industries. Ways to explore more potash is underway to keep up with the demand.

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